Best Ways to Travel in Thailand on a Budget

travellng thailand

If you’re traveling on a budget and looking for some tips on getting around the country, then you’ll want to read this article. It covers everything from Budget travel to Thailand scams. Then, read about the best time to visit and how to avoid the scams. In addition, you’ll learn about how to get the best deals and avoid being scammed. Keep reading to find out the best ways to travel in Thailand.

Budget travel to Thailand

If you’re on a budget, it’s possible to visit Thailand for as little as $70 a day! A simple double room can cost 15-30 USD a night, or you can split the cost of a hotel room with a friend. Many hostels in Thailand are also affordable – you can even find budget accommodations on sites like Hostelworld. Even midrange hotels in Thailand are cheap compared to western standards. It’s possible to find a beautiful hotel with pools and other amenities for around 30-60 USD per night.

Depending on your itinerary and how much you plan on drinking, you can find fun ways to enjoy yourself while staying within your budget. You can take a 20-USD snorkelling tour or a Thai boxing match for example. Another way to make the most of your budget while traveling to Thailand is to go on day trips. If you want to spend a day in a city, you can buy a ticket to a night market or watch a Thai boxing match for a mere 10 USD. If you want to be more adventurous, however, you can choose to spend more money.

Avoiding scams in Thailand

Whenever possible, make a habit of learning the local currency. Many tourists are cheated out of their money by cashiers who are not aware of the exchange rate. For example, it is common for a person to be cheated when buying a cup of coffee in a 7-Eleven store for less than 30 Thai baht. Similarly, some vendors will claim that the note you’re using is of less value. To avoid this, know what the equivalent value is in the Thai baht.

Be careful when visiting tourist attractions. Some tricksters will hang around popular tourist areas and trick tourists into buying bird seed to feed birds. They will then ask for more money than the price of street food. Here’s how they can trick you:

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Thailand is between November and February, a great period for island hopping and hiking in northern Thailand. The weather during this time is temperate, with hardly any rain. However, be warned that the winter months are busy as well. You can also visit the southern part of Thailand in November, but make sure to avoid monsoon season. While December is the most popular month for tourists in Thailand, the winter months may not be for introverts.

The cool season lasts from November to February in most of Thailand, and into March and April in Phuket and Krabi. This time is the busiest for international tourists, when temperatures average 28 degrees Celsius. Humidity is relatively low, so you’ll feel a sense of relief when the humidity drops to about seventy percent. However, temperatures can be quite chilly in December. To avoid this, it is advisable to visit Thailand in November or February.

Getting around

While the road network in Thailand is generally good, there are many dangers to avoid. While most of Thailand’s highways have a logical sequence, some areas are less well-lit than others. While driving in Thailand, take care to follow the road signs and to avoid obstructing other road users. Taxis are easy to find, but tuk tuks are cheaper and easier to navigate in the smaller cities.

Private buses are another option. These buses are geared toward tourists and cover most of the major tourist areas. These buses can be booked individually or in groups. The main hub of private coaches is Khaosan road in Bangkok, where many of them depart. You’ll want to book tickets well in advance to avoid shady operators. Some private buses are more comfortable and spacious than others, but you should still be cautious when deciding on which bus to take.