Tips For Travelling to Thailand

travellng thailand

Before traveling to Thailand, here are some tips to ensure a safe holiday. These tips include getting a visa for Thailand, finding a homestay, and getting around by public transportation. Dress modestly for your destination. Traveling in Thailand is often dangerous and you should take appropriate precautions. If you have a history of theft or untimely deaths, you should consider a homestay to avoid this. Also, don’t forget to buy a SIM card from the airport to communicate with locals.

Getting a visa to travel to Thailand

Getting a visa to travel to Thailand is simple, but you must follow certain procedures to avoid any problems. The first step is to apply for a tourist visa. The visa can be extended for up to 90 days, but it is not valid for business purposes. The extension process must be done in Thailand. If you plan to stay longer than 90 days, you must book accommodation. Once you have arrived in Thailand, you need to show proof that you will find accommodation for the remaining 90 days.

Finding a homestay in Thailand

There are many benefits of staying at a homestay while traveling to Thailand, including getting the full experience of the local culture. Guests can learn Thai language and culture, taste local cuisine, and even learn about local practices. In addition, homestays are a budget-friendly option that can provide all the amenities of a five-star hotel. Homestays are ideal for solo travelers, families, and groups looking to get away from the craziness of Bangkok and its tourist-filled hotel districts.

Getting around in public transportation in Thailand

Bangkok has a great public transportation system, with many routes to choose from. The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority runs buses and vans throughout the city. While many private companies duplicate the BMTA’s routes, look for the BMTA logo below the driver’s side window. Private buses will often follow different routes than BMTA buses, and you will need to bargain for a price before getting into the vehicle.

Dressing modestly while travelling in Thailand

When it comes to dressing modestly while travelling in Thailand, you should follow the same basic guidelines that you would in any other country. For men, you should pack polo shirts or button-down collared shirts. For women, it is recommended to pack t-shirts or tank tops that are breathable and lightweight. For temples and other places where you are expected to show cleavage, avoid spaghetti strap tanks or tank tops.

Getting a sim card before traveling to Thailand

If you’re thinking of visiting Thailand, getting a SIM card before traveling there is a great idea. While you can purchase one at a kiosk in the airport or in the city, you may find it more convenient to order one online. You can purchase one from websites such as Simeasy or Amazon, and have it sent to your home when you arrive. In addition to saving yourself money, having your SIM card ready when you arrive will ensure that you can use it on your phone during your trip.

Getting a RT-PCR test before traveling to Thailand

If you’re traveling to Thailand, getting a RT-PCR test before you depart is highly recommended. The government requires travelers to have this blood test if they have never been exposed to the disease. However, you don’t need to be vaccinated to visit Thailand – you can get a rapid antigen test instead. To get the test, you must schedule it through the link below.